What Our Clients Are Saying About Chubby Paws...
"...best pet sitting service in LA"

"Love, love, LOVE the gals at Chubby Paws and they could not be any more wonderful to our babies.  They are completely professional, reliable and I have absolutely no worries that they are in the best of hands when we're away.  We are so fortunate to have found Dana and Debbie to take care of our little ones.   They are so loving toward our dog, Lucy and our cat, Bodhi and super senstive to their needs as well as our requests.  I HIGHLY recommend Chubby Paws as the absolute best pet sitting service in LA."  
                                         Lucy & Bodhi's mom, Katie D.
"...they are professional & best of all, they really care"

"The ladies from Chubby Paws are so great.  I highly recommend them. My cats are 15 and 16 years old and have health problems and take meds twice a day.  I received detailed emails from Chubby Paws letting me know that my kitties were doing well.  This was very reassuring, as I always worry about the kitties when I am away.  I would definitely use Chubby Paws again and again.  They are professional and best of all, they really care."

                                                 Tigger & Biena's mom, Kyung J.
"Professional superb service..."

"Chubby Paws pet sitters were more than professional and provided superb service in taking care of our cats Moses & Miriam.  They communicated with us daily and even left us a report card!  I would highly recommend their reliable and excellent service."

                                                    Miriam & Moses' mom, Ellen G.
"...loved Chubby Paws"

"My cat, Sweetie, loved Chubby Paws.  They took great care of her, and incidentally, my house."

                                                    Sweetie's mom, Karin G.
"...I know my cat is in good hands and is happy"

"When I'm away, I can be assured that my cat tom is well taken care of by Chubby Paws.  The last thing you want to worry about when you're on vacation or away on business is your pet back home.  With Chubby Paws, I know my cat is in good hands and is happy.."

                                                   Tom's dad, Brian Z.
"I would highly recommend Chubby Paws..."

"From the minute I met Dana and Debbie, I knew my girls (two cats) were in great hands. Not only were they very thorough about understanding my cats' needs, but they spent time getting to know them so that they were comfortable when they came by! The daily notes and emails were the icing on the cake, reassuring me that my babies were just fine.  I would highly recommend Chubby Paws to any pet lover!"

                                                   Chuffy & Oskar's mom, Kristin C. 
"...so much love and affection for those in their care."

"When you ask someone who doesn't have pets to watch over your little ones, you know they do it as a favor to you, but you're left with feelings of unease about their wellness.  I took a chance on Chubby Paws, and I knew from the consultation meeting that I had made the best decision for my little ones.  I could not believe how chatty and flirty Fattoush was with Dana - he wanted her attention at all costs.
When I got the first update, I was super delighted that Batatah, who is extremely picky on who she will let get close, was purring for Dana and Debbie. knowing that Fattoush and Batatah enjoyed their company, I feel comfortable that if work keeps me away from home, I don't have the added stress of wondering what I am going to do about my little ones, all I have to do is call the ladies up and I know they will be in good hands.  Dana and Debbie have so much love and affection for those in their care, just ask your pets after a visit from Chubby Paws!  I highly recommend Chubby Paws - I keep them on speed dial!"

                                                  Fattoush & Batatah's mom, Rose E. 
"...so thankful I found Dana & Debbie"

"I think anyone who has a four-legged family member knows the anxiety and concern that comes with trusting them to someone new. Debbie and Dana treated my three kitties as their own. I never had a worry when they were in Aunt Dana and Aunt Debbie's care.

Not only did D & D take the time to get to know each of our kitties' quirks and special personalities, but they sent me daily emails with wonderful videos showing their interactions. Even better, my very shy/scared boy, Jersey, came out and let them pet him on their first visit! That is proof positive of Dana and Debbie's genuine care, patience and love of animals.

I *highly* recommend Chubby Paws, and that is not a recommendation I make lightly when it comes to my cats. I am so thankful that I found Dana and Debbie!"
                                                  Jersey, Meester & Pepper's mom, Nicole M. 
"...perfect blend of professionalism with the warm of family/friend"

"I had to leave for a night and left my precious cat and dog with Chubby Paws. I am so glad I took the risk and chose Debbie and Dana to watch my little ones as they were the sweetest and most caring pet sitters I have met ! They balance the perfect blend of professionalism with the warmth of having a family/friend watch your pets. I cannot recommend them enough...now I know I can leave for longer periods and my Claudes and Schmoo will be fine."

                                                  Claudia & Xion's mom, Caroline A. 
"Great service & affordable prices!"

"I couldn't be happier with Chubby Paws!  I left L.A. for a whole month to visit my parents in Chicago, and unfortunately wasn't able to bring my little monster with me.  I coudn't find any friends to walk him daily, and I was a little skeptical about letting a complete stranger into my house.  I was so happy to find a trustworthy company that I could rely on!  Dana & Debbie did such a fabulous job and I really couldn't ask for more.  When I got back from vacation, I was so happy to see all the notes that were left for me describing the adventures my pup had everyday.  It's a great feeling to know that your furry friend is in good hands when you're away.  Great service & affordable prices!  I will definitely be using Chubby Paws again!"

                                                  Frankie's mom, Kirstin K. 
"...we had the assurance that Jack was safe and happy"

"Jack came to us as a rescue.  We don't know what happened during his first year, but it left him very shy and afraid of new people.  Dana and Debbie took the time to get to know Jack before we left so that he looked forward to seeing them each day while we were gone on our trip.  They sent us updates and photos every day, so we had the assurance that Jack was safe and happy.  It meant everything to us because we love him so much"

                                                  Jack's mom, Alisa C. 
"...never felt as secure as I have with Chubby Paws"

"I have used many pet sitting services over the years but have never felt as secure as I have with Chubby Paws.  My dog says, '"they really care."

                                                  Monte's dad, Will F. 
"Chubby Paws is great!"

"Chubby Paws is great!  It's hard to find people you can trust with your pets.  I always get notes and pictures of how my dog is doing while I'm away. Plus, Lou loves them!"

                                                  Lou's mom, Kim N.

"...absolutely the best investment I could have made"

"When I went on vacation, I asked a friend to apartment sit and care for my kitties, Sam and Dean, while I was gone.  There were a few days she wasn't going to be able to be there, so I contacted Chubby Paws to arrange for them to sit for my boys during that time.  I was impressed at the first meeting when I found out what real animal lovers Dana and Debbie are and saw my usually shy boys willing to come out and check them both out.  I felt completely confident leaving Sam and Dean in their care.  The updates I received every day were a huge comfort (this was my first time away from the kitties since i'd brought them home), and when my friend informed me she couldn't be at the apartment the day I expected her, I contacted Dana and she didn't hesitate to step in when my boys needed her.  You can imagine how relieved I was about that.

When I retunred home to find the notes Dana and Debbie had left for each visit, I realized just how special this service is.  I can't express how touched I am that these ladies genuinely care about my wee ones, and I'll definitely be using them the next time I have to go out of town and can't take my boys with me.  I'm also going to recommend Chubby Paws to every pet owner I know.  It's absolutely the best investment I could have made for both my own peace of mind and Sam and Dean's welfare.  Check them out!  You will not be disappointed."
Sammy & Dean's mom, Frankie M.
"...most professional, reliable and lovable pet walkers in LA"

"Debbie and Dana from Chubby Paws are the most professional, reliable and lovable pet walkers in LA.  Before trusting my dog with just anyone, I did my research, interviewed a few dog walkers, and even had a few of them come by and do trials with my dog.  Chubby Paws is by far the best dog walking service available!  Not only do Debbie and Dana keep you up to date on their day's activities with your dog via text and video messaging, but they also leave you detailed notes about your dog's time with them.  They go the extra mile by making sure your dog is happy, well taken care of and loved, which in turn makes you feel happy, well taken care of, and loved.  They are available in a pinch, they make you feel secure, and I honestly would not be able to relax at work if it was not for them.  If you love your dog and only want the best for him or her, Chubby Paws is the ONLY way to go!"

                                                  Bogart's mom, Lara F.